Available at ICI PARIS XL

Ultimate care and protection.

Unique beauty product

HANDMIST hydrates and soothes the skin with the addition of natural
aloe vera. Pro Vitamin B5 keeps your skin supple and young. This unique
protective hand spray with disinfectant ingredient helps to balance stressed
skin and gives you silky soft hands.

Twist and spray


"Handy to have always with me. Disinfect my hands quickly without drying out my skin. This is now my new must-have in my bag!"


"Finally a hand spray that works well, looks good and smells good! I take it with me everywhere."


The collection

Scent is an important part of HANDMIST's design. The new HANDMIST COLLECTION consists of three delicious, carefully selected scents and is named after special cities in the world. Each scent can be recognized by its own distinct color to fit perfectly to your style and taste.
Protects against 99.999% of all bacteria.