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Product description

Luxury aluminum twist bottle with 20ml glass bottle HANDMIST, good for about 80 sprays. Includes monthly refill pack of 2 x 20ml, good for 160 sprays. Spray three times per hand for optimal hand care and hygiene with HANDMIST. Disinfact technology kills 99.999% of viruses, bacteria and fungi.

✓ Dermatologically tested
✓ Animal testing free


Fresh, subtle mix of green freshness and flowers. Like a nice morning walk through Amsterdam's Vondelpark.


Aqua, alcohol denat, waterstofperoxide (Hi-speed H2O2 TM), Pro Vitamine B5, aloë barbadensis bladgel, benzoëzuur, coceth-7, lauryl sarcosinaat, parfum. Actieve ingrediënten: ethanol 380 mg / g, waterstofperoxide 8 mg / g.


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