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What could be better than having HANDMIST at your disposal? That's right: you don't have to worry if your bottle is almost empty. You can now be the first to benefit from our new service: the Monthly HANDMIST!

Your benefits

  • A starter pack (worth €26.98) for only €9.99!
  • Monthly refills for only € 9,99 including shipping
  • No shipping costs
  • Flexible to switch between scents
  • Flexible to stop the Monthly service

You choose your scent of choice and receive two refills every month. That way your HANDMIST will never run out. The refills are simply delivered through your letterbox, so you don't even have to stay at home for them. There is no notice period.

Product description

Luxury aluminum twist bottle with 20ml glass bottle HANDMIST, good for about 80 sprays. Includes monthly refill pack of 2 x 20ml, good for 160 sprays. Spray three times per hand for optimal hand care and hygiene with HANDMIST. Disinfact technology kills 99.999% of viruses, bacteria and fungi.

✓ Dermatologically tested
✓ Animal testing free