KK Science: The Science of Beauty

At KK Laboratories R&D, we think differently about skin care and hygiene. Our formulas are based on natural ingredients or lab-based ingredients with proven effectiveness to meet the needs of today's skin care needs.
In 2018, our search for ways to bridge the gap between disinfection and skin care in a luxurious way began. At KK Laboratories we foresaw early on that our cosmopolitan lifestyle brings much beauty to the world, but at the same time the need for hygiene is becoming increasingly important. And so HANDMIST was born, the elite treat.

The HANDMIST collection

Scent is an important part of the design. The new HANDMIST collection consists of three delicious, carefully selected fragrances and is named after special cities in the world. Each scent can be recognized by its own distinct color.


Timeless chic, a delicate musky freshness.
Inspired by a bustling cosmopolitan city.


A cheerful, soft mix of rose, vanilla and peach.
Like a romantic sultry evening in the pink city of Jaipur.


Fresh, subtle mix of green freshness and flowers.
Like a nice morning walk through Amsterdam's Vondelpark.

Desinfact® Active Oxygen Technology 

Hi-Speed ​​H2o2
HANDMIST is a hand care spray with a proven disinfecting effect by Hi-Speed H2o2. This patented technology from Desinfact is based on a human-friendly method to make hydrogen peroxide more active in low concentrations. The special combination of disinfecting power and friendliness is made possible by this so-called Active Oxygen technology. The combined strength of the ingredients in the formulation is able to enhance the naturally present disinfecting power of hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide becomes so-called Hi-Speed ​​H2O2, a very fast-acting version of this trusted ingredient. The technology was created after years of research and development. Desinfact is purely specialized in high-quality and human-friendly antimicrobial products. This special technology is used by world players as a high-quality product in the professional market. The smart and modern formulation with biodegradable detergents with an allergen-free perfume ensures a very effective and people- and environment-friendly product.